4 Sterne

Welcome to the Valley of Pfronten!

We are inviting you to the "Allgäu", the place where the world-famous Royal Castles are situated in our dreamlike Alpine-Bavarian scenery! Enjoy the exquisite atmosphere in your luxurious, newly built organic flat, with its panoramic view of the close mountains. Breathe in the refreshing air and explore majestic green hills, mountains, moors, lakes and rivers along our valley' s mesmerizing paths!

We speak English fluently and are looking forward to welcoming international visitors from all over the world!
We ourselves are enthusiastic travelers, who enjoy exploring the many magical places on our beautiful planet.

So: Welcome to the "Green Allgäu" - a countryside surely one of them!

This is of course also the reason why King Ludwig II (the King of Peace) chose this place as the ideal situation for his Royal Palaces, overflowing with his exuberant dreams and fantasies! Here you will find several of them:

- SCHLOSS HOHENSCHWANGAU (his parents' Allgäu-residence)

We invite you to shortly read through some information concerning SONNENAU's situation, the house itself and about your 4-star flat.

SONNENAU - where to find it:

... is situated in a quiet residential area, next to a nature reserve and its path through moors, groves of birch, poplar, willows, pine and spruce, as well as lush, flowing meadows of many rare plants and herbs. You can also watch, heron, red kite, falcon, crow, raven, nutrai, deer, butterflies ... and there is a constant humming, burbling, sweet fragrances - ... filling all of your senses!

In the winter, you can start cross-country skiing from here. Glide through perfect stillness and a glittering white world! At the same time, you are very close to the village centre. By foot, you can reach everything you need in order to spend your holiday at ease. Public transport is also near by.


... is made of wood and was built organically through and through, in December 2014.
Its walls are chalk and clay, the colours earthen, its heating system geothermal, the insolation again is wood and clay, our floors and furniture all solid hard wood. All electricity-systems are powered by photovoltaics, the water heated by solarpanneling.
Everything is crafted with a strong focus on sustainability and harmony with the earth and all its beauty! The house is surrounded by its inviting front and porch in the north and its vast, magic garden in the south. Enjoy the wonderfully healthy, cosy and luxurious atmosphere it offers and find the many special details in every room:


- its inviting front and porch
- the warm and cosy living area: "MYSTIC ALLGÄU"
- the very comfortable kitchen area
- the fairytale bedroom: "SCHLOSS FALKENSTEIN"
- the small, but very exceptional bathroom
- your private loggia above the roofs of Pfronten and its breathtaking view of the Northern Alps

SO: Walk the paths through our mystic landscape, dive into its rivers and lakes, climb its mountains, visit the many historic sites, breathe in the uniquely fresh mountain air with every step ...
and after a day of rich experience, happily return to your little, royal PARADISE!
In these comfortable, creatively designed and exquisite rooms, we hope you will spend the perfect holiday / vacation!

If you like our offering, do not hesitate to call - we would be very happy to welcome you to this area and into our house!

Ute M. Osterried
mit Familie